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06/05/2019  Muslims Seek Multiple Blessings and Rewards from Allah the Almighty



Ramadhan is the month of blessings, good deeds and divine rewards which Muslims in the world wait for every year.


Ramadhan is one of Allah the Almighty's greatest gifts to the Mukmins or the faithful.  The blessings and rewards are increased many folds and the door of forgiveness or pardon is open widely during the holy month.  Apart from the obligation of fasting for a month, Muslims are encouraged to perform more acts of worship as well as other good deeds and steer away from sins and malice that could taint the sanctity of Ramadhan.  


Muslims are encouraged to glorify and enliven the nights of Ramadhan with the Tarawih and Witir prayers, reading of Al-Quran, reciting wirid, witir, zikir, shalawat and istighfar which are praises for Allah and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam and asking for Allah's forgiveness.  In Ramadhan, there is a special night that is better than a thousand months, called Lailatul Qadr or Night of the Decree.  During that night, Allah the Most Sublime gifts the faithful, the sincere and those who seek Allah's forgiveness with abundant blessings and rewards.   Another great miracle of Ramadhan was the night of Nuzul Al-Qur'an or Revelation of Al-Quran.


Giving alms and helping the poor and destitute, orphans and other needy people are among the best deeds for the blessed Ramadhan.  Giving alms will be rewarded tenfold in this world and the Hereafter.   The five in this world are the person's soul, body and wealth will be purified, mishaps and diseases warded off especially for the destitute, happiness, blessed wealth and increased sustenance.


Ramadhan, the greatest month of Islam brings many benefits.  It moulds the soul or spirit, patience, thriftiness, good behaviour and other good attributes.


During the month of blessings, Muslims are advocated to grab opportunities available in Ramadhan to perform more religious acts and good deeds.  This is because the beginning of Ramadhan is filled with blessings, the middle with forgiveness and the end is deliverance from the Hellfire.