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08/05/2019  Da'wah Academy 2.0 Programme



The 6th session for the Da'wah Academy 2.0 Programme continued last night with a lecture entitled 'Aku dan Dakwah' or Me and Da'wah at the Dewan Persidangan, Islamic Da'wah Centre in Kampung Pulaie. The lecture was among the activities lined up by the Da'wah Academy programme under the Youth Religious Programme by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


During the lecture entitled 'Aku dan Dakwah: Mengapa Da'wah itu mulia di sisi Allah?' an invited speaker from Malaysia, Ebit Irawan bin Ibrahim Liew shared his experience in propagating da'wah. He also touched on 3 main foundation for human to become better in da'wah. First is to seek knowledge, second is to propagate da'wah and thirdly, to protect one's relation with Allah the Almighty. Among the objective of the lecture is to raise awareness among the participants on the important and nobility of Da'wah as road of al-anbiya, as well as to take heaven as a motivation in Da'wah. Also present was Awang Haji Abd Rajid bin Haji Mohd. Salleh, Director of Islamic Da'wah Centre.