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12/05/2019  Bruneian Identity Attracts International Market



The government's effort in encouraging youth to become entrepreneurs has produced positive results with the increasing number of small and medium enterprises. A matter of pride is that some young people have penetrated the international market by introducing local brands, including in woven cloth. One such youth is a woman who is in women's fashion business.  


NAFORRER, the brand owned by Dayangku Farhana binti Pengiran Haji Muhamamad Pura is well known among her local and foreign customers or clients. With the distinct Bruneian Songket identity, the NAFORRER brand has attracted foreign customers.


Exposed to the fashion world since childhood, the local fashion designer made a name in the Fashion Arena when she was invited to participate in the ''Commonwealth Fashion Exchange" at Buckingham Palace in London, England. Her determination has proven that the country's youth can rise and face a greater challenge including exploring and entering the international market. 


The young entrepreneur's determination has the solid support of her family and friends. Although considered a successful designer, Dayangku Farhana does not neglect her obligation as a housewife and mother of three children. For her the strength and determination to produce a new product come from the support of her own family who have been behind her since the very start.


Apart from hard work in facing the challenges of the business world, social media also play a big role in promoting her products. Her very customer friendly and professional approach has made NAFORRER the main choice of her customers or clients who make orders for the latest fashion from the brand. Dayangku Farhana's advice is grab the available opportunities and move forward even if when starting from the very bottom.


The designer's hard work and tenacity show that today's youth have risen to show their determination and commitment to empower their own potential and contribute to the country's progress.