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13/05/2019  Certificate Presentation



The responsibility of a leader is not an easy task. Not all officers are capable in leading, although they possess a high knowledge and performed well. The Minister at the Prime Minister's Office said that some individuals are born with leadership characters which can be further improved through the experience and learning processes.


Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abdul Mokti bin Haji Mohd Daud explained that the leadership development programme plays a role to facilitate in building up leadership characters and also working as a team in an organisation. The main element of leadership in an organisation is whom being lead. Without them, leadership will not exist but rather self-leading. Avoid from becoming a non-approachable leader who only stayed in the office and also having the attitude of careless in listening to opinions and views from officers and staffs in a meeting. These kind of attitude, added the Minister should be prevented in order to gain respect and support from staff in an organisation.


Yang Berhormat explained the matter at the Certificate Presentation ceremony of the Executive Development Programme for Senior Government Officer (EDPSGO) and 26th Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Officer (EDPMMO) and Young Executive Programme YEP Cohort 3.


28 participants of EDPSGO, 31 26th EDPMMO participants and 24 Cohort 3 YEP participants received their respective certificates. The Executive Development Programme organised by the Public Services Department aimed to enhance the leadership capacity and officers characteristics in public service.