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01/12/2019  Low San Brunei Open Basketball Tournament 2019



Systematic Living team emerged champion in the Low San Brunei Open Basketball Tournament 2019 for the Sherwin Williams Cup for Women's category after beating Shehops in the final round that took place at the Batu Bersurat Basketball Court in Gadong, 30th November night.


Systametic Living in yellow jersey lead Shehoops in the first quarter 15-17. In the second quarter, Systematic Living collected more points which is 37-17. In the third quarter, Shehoops further to mastered the court. But Systematic Living still lead the match with 43-34. The match ended with the Systametic Living 57 and Shehoops 45. 


Meanwhile, in Open A Category YTE Bestar beat Brupay. Brupay lead the match in the first quarter 25-18 meanwhile in the second quarter YTE Bestar lead the match 40-38.  The match ended with YTE 92 points; and Brupay 85 points.