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26/03/2020  'Facetime' Interview with Student in Amman, Jordan



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Brunei Darussalam Embassies and High Commission's strives to ensure the well-being, health and safety of Brunei Darussalam's citizens and residents who are staying overseas. This especially more so as the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading all over the world. RTB News used a video-call to make an exclusive interview with a Brunei Darussalam student who is still in Amman, Jordan.


The student, Dayang Nuryoul Naqibah binti Haji Nooradin said she is staying at home as part of a lockdown ordered by the Jordanian government. The five students in Amman have been in contact with Brunei Darussalam's embassy and made video calls for updates of the situation, including on new orders from the Jordanian government. Since learning about the case in Brunei on the 2nd of March, they try to keep up to date with what is taking place and follow the Brunei Darussalam government's instructions and advice from the embassy. They also make sure their daily needs are sufficient. As a final year student, Dayang Nuryoul is doing mostly online research and the current situation is not hindering her. She also called on her family, relatives and friends in Brunei not to panic because they are well and the embassy is looking after them and they been given essential telephone numbers such as the police, hospitals or for any other emergencies.