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26/03/2020  The Food Prepared by Royal Brunei Catering, RBC



A number of continuous and combined initiatives are implemented by the government to curb the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. This include measures taken for the welfare of those who under quarantine and self-isolation orders specifically their daily food which is provided for free by the government. The food prepared by Royal Brunei Catering, RBC.


The Royal Brunei Catering through RBC's Healthcare Catering is responsible to provide their daily food which follow the food safety guidelines from the Ministry of Health.


Siti Normah Binti Haji Talip, Catering Manager of Hospital Institution (RIPAS) said that RBC provides 3 main meals everyday which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner including high-tea. These meals have been approved by the Food Department, Ministry of Health and have been audited with the best food quality and value. All food are halal and fresh and the kitchen staff begin preparing the food as early as 4 in the morning. As the appointed food supervisor, RBC ensures that the food is delivered on time. Hence, to avoid delays in food delivery, RBC is also in close contact with the Ministry of Health.


She also said number of quarantined people is changing day to day. They need to always update the address and food lists throughout the day and night. They are working closely with the Ministry of Health for the updated lists are very glad to be able to support our frontliners in their own way. Solid cooperation from various parties is vital in handling the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. Most importantly, the community must obey all orders and regulations so that the spread of the disease can be prevented quickly.