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01/08/2020  Belia Bertakbir Programme



In glorifying the greatness of Allah the Al-Mighty, takbir, tahlil and tahmid was also conducted by the IMPAK Tutong Youth Movement with the support of the Youth and Sports Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, yesterday afternoon. The Belia Bertakbir Programme was held at the Youth Centre in Tutong District.


The programme began with the reading of Ratib Al-Attas and followed by Takbir Hari Raya. It was also highlighted with the talk entitled "Memperingati Kebesaran Aidiladha", presented by Awang Abdul Rahman bin Haji Ajak, Certified Daie of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council as the co-founder of Al-Minhaaj Centre. Among its objectives are to encourage the youths with religious activities, especially in leading the reading of takbir, apart from to cultivate the spirit towards strengthening ties by getting closer to the religious ceremonies.