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13/08/2020  Public Transportation Operators Allowed to Operate at 100% Seating Capacity



Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Abdul Mutalib bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yusof, Minister of Transport and Infocommunications in the media conference informed that guidelines for the use of public transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic has been updated which will come into force on Monday, 17th August 2020. Under the updated guidelines, public transportation operators are allowed to operate at 100 percent seating capacity compared to the 50 percent previously.


Public transportation operators and passengers, however, are still required to adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health, which includes provision of QR Codes at the vehicle doors and inside the vehicles, while passengers are required to scan the QR Code before embarking the public transport. Only passengers with green and yellow codes are allowed to go on public transportations. The use of face masks is a must in the public transport throughout the journey. Bus drivers and conductors are urged NOT to allow passengers to enter when the seat capacity is filled and to NOT allow passengers to stand in public transportation throughout the journey. The complete guidelines can be obtained and downloaded through the Land Transport Department, JPD's website ''. The Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications, also reminded that public transportation operators found NOT to be adhering to the conditions stipulated will be taken legal action against under the Infectious Diseases Act Chapter 204. Social responsibilities such as maintaining cleanliness also pertains to water transportation. The Ministry urged all owners, operators and drivers of water taxis to cooperate in ensuring all cleanliness aspects are maintained including the cleaning of seats and life vests for the passengers. Safety while using water transportation should also be maintained by always wearing life-vests.