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15/09/2020  Ukhuwah Islamiyyah Camp Programme


Dakwah as an Islamic propagation mechanism plays a role in disseminating Islam from one generation to another until the end of days.  However, dakwah or propagation needs to be carried out in a way that is in line with its criteria. The propagation is commanded by Allah SWT to be carried out with good blessings and teachings. The matter was among the matters touched upon by the Acting Deputy Ra'es of the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB, at the official opening of the Ukhuwah Islamiyyah Camp Programme, yesterday morning.


Doctor Haji Abang Hadzmin bin Abang Haji Taha said that a propagator not only understands the Islamic dakwah that is to be disseminated but also the people receiving the dakwah. According to Doctor Haji Abang Hadzmin, in the context of dakwah, focus must be given to the application, in other words, to benefit existing psychological studies, to highlight the existing contents in the heritage of Islamic thinking.


The two programme have been organised since 2011 with the 3'S' concept namely, Syiar, Salam and Silaturrahim. It is to cultivate responsibility as a muslim individual to strengthen ukhuwah Islamiah or Islamic solidarity with the village residents.