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15/09/2020  Local Tourism Agencies Introduce Attractive PackagesLocal Tourism Agencies Introduce Attractive Packages



Tourism related industries continue to adapt to the current tourism trend during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Several tourism agencies in the country have taken the initiative to come up with a domestic tourism strategy through new approaches to attract local tourists.  One such approach is by using packages which previously targeted foreign visitors.  


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted greatly on tourism including in the country, the industry continues to develop because of local tourists who engage in tourism related activities such as shopping, travelling, sports and lodging or homestays.   Local tourism agencies are now introducing domestic tourism packages through a number of activities such enjoying the beautiful sights and scenery by cruising on the Brunei River and in other districts.


Local tourism agencies have also received reservations for the Brunei river cruise packages that include Kampong Ayer or the water village.   Local tourists using the packages will be able to see the beautiful sights of the mangroves while cruising past several historic locations and landmarks around the capital. 


The packages receive encouraging response from the public on the weekends and bookings are reported to have increased during the current school term holidays.   The experience of visiting houses in Kampong Ayer and enjoying the Brunei Malays' homemade cakes and sweets and well as learning about the water village way of life are among the main attractions even for local tourists.