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17/10/2020  Breast Cancer Weekend Activities



Various activities are organized by the Jerudong Beach Specialist Centre, PJSC throughout October in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where these activities are not only limited to PJSC but also held outside of PJSC. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Ozone, is organizing a "Breast Cancer Weekend" activity for 2 days started yesterday at the Fitness Zone, in Kiulap.


Activities were held to highlight the PJSC series of activities through the Brunei Cancer Centre, TBCC in collaboration to support the activities carried out by other agencies including entrepreneurs and Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs in an effort to further raise awareness about cancer.  Apart from the sale of food and beverages, the activity also showcases brochures related to cancer and its prevention including posters on breast cancer. In addition, the public can "Meet the Expert" where Oncologists experts from PJSC are ready to answer questions including giving advice and recommendations related to cancer and its prevention.