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17/10/2020  Takzirah and Cleaning Campaign



Islam demands its people to cultivate cleanliness that covers various aspects of life. This includes personal hygiene, family, residence, public places including mosques and its surroundings. The matter was among those emphasized in the Tazkirah during the 'Kempen Kebersihan dan kesihatan' or 'Cleaning and Health Campaign' organized by the Muslimah Affairs Division, Mosque Affairs Department for the Tutong District Muslimah Guidance Class, yesterday morning.


The Tazkirah entitled "Cleaning and Health in the Islamic View" was delivered by Dayang Hajah Nadhirah binti Haji Lahit, Officer of the Muslimah Affairs Division, Mosque Affairs Department. The program is an annual activity implemented by the Muslimah Affairs Division in collaboration with the Kampung Kupang Mosque.


The campaign was participated by 50 Muslimah from Kampung Kupang Mosque and Muslimah from Kampung Sinaut Mosque. It aims to respond to the call of the Ministry of Health to always maintain cleanliness as well as to curb the spread of various types of infectious diseases. Through this program, it can guide Muslimah to maintain personal hygiene and the environment as a practice of daily life.