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21/11/2020  'Pantaran Sastera: Bedah Karya' For Books That Received the South East Asia Writers Award


The Language and Literature Bureau, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports organised the 'Pantaran Sastera: Bedah Karya' for books that received the South East Asia Writers Award. Two works were discussed by academics in Malay Literature as an approached to analysing, understanding and appreciating local literatures.


Present was Awang Suip bin Haji Abdul Wahab, Acting Director of Language and Literature Bureau. The first session of 'Bedah Karya' or analysing the novel entitled 'Arus ke Kuala' was written by Awang Tarif bin Haji Abdul Hamid who is also known as Tarif Ahmad. The invited speaker was Associate Professor Ampuan Doctor Haji Brahim bin Ampuan Haji Tengah. Meanwhile, the second discussion session on 'Kumpulan Puisi Perjalanan Burung Putih' was written by the late Awang Haji Mahadi bin Haji Matarsad or known as Mahadi R.S., with the Doctor Haji Ramlee bin Haji Tingkong as the invited speaker.