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02/01/2021  Healthy Lifestyle Activity



At Bukit Mejawa Recreation Park, located at Kampung Jerudong yesterday morning, a Healthy Lifestyle Activity was also held, organised by the Kampung Jerudong 'B' Consultative Council in cooperation with the Warisan Kedayan Jerudong Association. Some fifty people joined the activity.


According to Awang Kamis bin Panjang, Acting Head of Kampung Jerudong 'B', the event is held twice a year to beautify the recreation park in order to further attract visitors to the park.


The activity which began with a warming up and aerobics session aimed to enliven and at the same time introduce and further expose the facilities provided at the recreation park. Also held yesterday was a cleaning campaign. The Bukit Mejawa Recreation Park was officially opened in November last year and has a 6 kilometre track, 7 hills and 8 wasai.