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13/01/2021  Transportation Facilities Assistance



Several low-lying and inland areas in Tutong District are currently flooded. Coordination of assistance and monitoring continues to be implemented with security agencies to ensure the well-being of the villagers. Among them, providing transportation facilities from residents in the affected areas using trucks by the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, RBAF and village volunteers at several aid posts.


Facilities are provided at the intersection 4 of Panchong, Simpang Sulap Samat/Benutan, Simpang 3 Kuala Ungar/Bangkuru and also transportation to bring school students affected by the floods. Transportation starts operating from 6 to 8 in the morning; while in the afternoon, from 12 noon to 2 in the afternoon and 4 to 6 in the afternoon.


The flood-affected areas are along Jalan Benutan, Jalan Keranching, Jalan Bangkuru, Jalan Sum Sum Kampung Panchong, Jalan Kuala Ungar, Jalan Rambai, Jalan Rumpou and Jalan Bang Pangan. The roads are not safe for any type of vehicle at the moment. Meanwhile, road users of Jalan Penapar, Jalan Kecil Layong, Jalan Melabui and Jalan Sungai Damit are advised to use alternative roads if passing through flood prone areas. Water level monitoring is also continued by the District Disaster Management Committee, DDMC Tutong District to ensure the situation is under control. Affected villagers and the public are also reminded to be vigilant and take safety measures during floods and monitor the whereabouts of their children so that they do not play in flooded areas for mutual safety. In the event of emergency, call the Lamunin Fire Station Incident Control Post line at 4237350.