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21/02/2021  Brazil - COVID-19 Variants Become Endemic in Rio de Janeiro


COVID-19 variants originally detected in the UK and Brazil has become endemic in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro, according to the state and municipal governments of Rio de Janeiro in a joint announcement.


Rio de Janeiro's state and municipal health authorities have been tracking the medical history of five patients confirmed to be infected with the variants found in the UK and Brazil. Studies found that only one of the four patients infected with the P1 variant, was a critically ill patient referred from the city of Manaus, while the remaining three were all locally transmitted cases in Rio. A patient infected with the B.1.1.7 variant, which was originally detected in Britain, was reported to have not left Rio recently. Since the current vaccination rate in Brazil is far below the 80 to 90 percent needed to effectively stop the spread of the virus, compliance with health regulations is deemed crucial to slow the epidemic.