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07/04/2021  Message in Conjunction with World Health Day 2021


All citizens and residents in Brunei Darussalam is fortunate for receiving Universal Health Coverage from the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam through the Ministry of Health with the provision of health services that are easily accessed and obtained in the four districts. The health centres provided at the community level are comprehensive and in line with the One-Stop Health Centre concept which provides basic health care services under one roof, aimed at enhancing quality and efficiency by providing a more comfortable and conducive environment close to the community.


Basic Health Care plays a vital role in Universal Health Coverage and also in holistic health care as Basic Health Care covers an individual's life-long health requirement, from prenatal to adulthood and until the end of life. In this regard, the Brunei Darussalam Government's commitment towards Basic Health Care in the country and Universal Health Coverage can be seen through the country's achievement in the Millennium Development Goals 2015. Brunei Darussalam has also succeeded in fulfilling several Sustainable Development Goals, SDG's 2030 targets such as:

-  Maternal Mortality Ratio in the country has shown an obvious decrease since the 1960's to date.

-  The Under-5 Mortality Rate has been reduced to within the SDG target.

-  Achieved a higher immunisation coverage than the SDG target, which is over 95 per cent of children under five years old have been immunised every year.

-  Brunei Darussalam has been declared malaria-free by the World Health Organisation, WHO in 1987, Polio-free in 2000, Measles-Free in 2015 and Rubella-free in November 2018.


A strong and organised Basic Health Care has also proven to be cost-effective and equitable in delivering better health services of quality and has helped many countries in gaining progress towards Universal Health Coverage. Therefore, a deeper understanding of Universal Health Coverage is also vital in drafting national policies to ensure Brunei Darussalam will be able to progress towards ensuring and maintaining Universal Health Coverage. In making the dream of Health For All a reality, cooperation from all parties is seriously needed. The country needs individuals and communities who have access to services to be responsible in caring for their health as well as their family members, health professionals and workers who have the skills to provide quality services which are people-centred and policy makers to be wiser and more committed in investing funds in providing basic health care.


World Health Day is celebrated every 7th of April. This year, the celebration's theme of 'Building A Fairer, Healthier World' is aimed at eradicating health inequities globally and unite all to build a world that is fairer and healthier. This year's celebration focuses on aspects related to equities and solidarity, using a Whole-of-Nation Approach to address obstructions to health care and services access by increasing investments in basic health care.