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25/07/2021  Tutong District Development



Although Tutong District is currently undergoing rapid development, it is still able to maintain the land's greenery. Apart from the existing development, Tutong District continues to actively plan developments towards Wawasan Negara 2035. Let's look at the special report on the district's development.


Tutong District which has an area of one thousand one hundred and 66 square kilometres with over 52 thousand residents, is the third largest district from the aspects of geography and population. Under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, Tutong District continues to develop in which its citizens and residents enjoy various facilities through the provision of physical development infrastructures, education system, health care, provision of housing and a sustainable socio-economic development agenda through Wawasan Negara 2035.


A number of infrastructural development projects under the 11th National Development Plan are actively being carried out in the district. Among them, Molecular Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory for Infectious Diseases at Bukit Bendera.


The 10.6 kilometre Telisai-Lumut Highway further enhances the country's transport infrastructure and facilitates the mobility of the people and goods towards further boosting socio-economic activities in the national development agenda.


The infrastructure facilities are also enjoyed by residents in rural areas. The construction of roads and upgrading works further eases access for rural residents to the town area. Rural residents also enjoy several other facilities among them clean water and electrical supply system as well as telecommunications facilities.


The Jubli Emas Dam is among the government efforts to further enhance water supply security in Brunei Muara District and Tutong District.


Wawasan Negara 2035 among other matters underscores the best life quality for the people on par with the top 10 countries in the world. This includes Tutong District, in which to date, some 2,700 house units and 16 land lots under various national housing schemes have been awarded to qualified recipients.


Tutong District with its fertile land enables its residents to venture into agriculture in Tutong District and also contribute to the country's economic growth.


In the fishing industry, Tutong District has also attracted a number of foreign investors. An example is the pond reared prawns enterprise by Golden Corporation Sendirian Berhad, and its joint venture with The Oman Brunei Investment Company, which has contributed significantly to the country's fishing industry yield.


In the aspect of tourism, Tutong District is one of main tourist destinations, offering places of interest with the natural environment concept as well as touring and education culture.