From 560 projects or programmes in the 10th National Development Plan or NDP, 416 projects have been completed, 75 projects are being carried out, and 41 are in the tendering stage while 35 are still at the design and planning stage. Up to the 28th of February 2017, the actual 2016-2017 NDP expenditure is 631.98 million dollars or 90.3 percent of the original budget of 700 million provided.

The amount has brought the 10th NDP expenditure to 5 thousand 337.16 million dollars. To ensure the NDP projects are carried out according to schedule and the budget allocation approved, the Department of Economic Development and Planning at the Prime Minister's Office will continue to monitor and implement a number of measures. These include conducting frequent visits to project sites as well as making surprise visits; ensuring payment is carried out according to the contract agreement, ensuring every ministry makes precise planning as well as follows the original scope and schedule, ensuring the work scope fulfils the functionality and does not go over the specification. Another measure is to provide a more effective project monitoring and payment system and finally, using the NDP project management system and preparation of guidelines in setting the average cost for the construction of government buildings and projects with a cost benefit method.