The 6th Brunei Athlete Open Championship 2017organised by the Brunei Darussalam Athlete Association continued yesterday. The event was held at Tutong Sports Complex. In the men's 400-meter event, AXIS JP team from Sarawak won gold medal. The team from Sabah netted the silver medal while MS ABDB won bronze medal.

For the female youth, long jump event, the gold medal was won by Amelia Chan Yi Xin from MSSSBD and her teammate Catherine Huang Jia Ying netted the silver medal.

While, Lee Yuan Ling from Kuala Belait won bronze medal. Javelin open for women event, gold medal was won by Alinawati Hj Aliakbar from MS PDB team, Dk Ezreen Pg Tajuddin from Brunei Muara district was netted by silver while Mardinah Hj Pungut from MS PDB team earned bronze medal.

Meanwhile in the athlete event, MSSSBD dominated the long jump event for male youth. Gold medal went to Sim Hau Jet, silver and bronze medal went to Kon Wei Liang and Imam Mahdi Suhaimi respectively.

In the 100 meter hurdles for male, Reymar Manuel from MSN Miri won gold medal. Meanwhile athletes from Flaying Dayak Sarawak, Eddie Dainel and Eric Fisher netted silver and bronze medal respectively.