New knowledge was gained by the participants attending the Hafazan Al-Quran Camp of Surah Pilihan Yassin and Al-Mulk such as the migration of the arrangement of Al-Quran in ancient times and ethics in memorising of Al-Quran. The 3-day camp ended yesterday with a presentation of certificates 41 participants representing 31 male youth and 10 female youth for the Brunei Muara District Level received certificates handed over by Yang Berhormat Awang Iswandy Bin Ahmad, member of the Legislative Council.

The Hafazan Al-Quran Camp was organised by the Kampung Sungai Besar Mosque Takmir Committee and the Mosque Affairs Department, with the cooperation of Al-Huffaz Management, Candas Creative Company and Syukri. The Hafazan Al-Quran Camp acts as a platform to address issues related to the Quran reading apart from emphasising the importance of reading the Holy Book fluently.