Members of the public are reminded to be vigilant and take precautionary safety measures during the first term holidays which will end on the 2nd of April. The Royal Brunei Police Force in a media statement shared several tips and advices.

- Take precautionary safety measures especially when leaving the house.

- Inform respective Penghulu and village leaders to avoid any incidents of house break-ins.

- Ensure gates, doors and windows are shut and locked.

- Do not leave valuable items outside the house

- All cash, jewellery and valuables must be kept in a safe place.

- Those intending to leave the country are advised to notify their nearest family members or close neighbours.

- Leave the lights outside the house switched on at night.

- Parents and guardians are advised to monitor their children’s' whereabouts.

- Do not let children come home late at night as well as ensure that they are not involved in criminal and unhealthy social activities.

- Parents are advised to pay attention to their children’s' activities, especially those who like to go on the internet

- Inform the police, Penghulu or village leaders of any suspicious activities.

- When leaving the car, ensure that the car engine is turned off and the car is locked.

- Call Hotline 993 or contact the nearest police station.