The Language and Literature Bureau is always proactive in making known its role in empowering the Malay Language. Among its efforts is producing writings in Malay, including books, magazines and journals. In introducing its publications to students the Bureau's Literature, Magazine and Journal Section is conducting a Mekar and Naindung Magazines Roadshow 2017.

In upholding the sovereignty and empowerment of the Malay Language, the Language and Literature Bureau continues its efforts in producing writing materials in Malay. These include publishing books, magazines and journals that the source of knowledge for various levels of the community, aside from fulfilling the department's vision and mission.

Since its establishment, the bureau has successfully produced magazines and journals, namely Naindong, Mekar, Juara Pelajar, Bahana, Pantaran, Beriga dan Pangsura. Of these, Naindong is a new magazine produced by the Bureau, which is written in Jawi.  Among the main objectives of the roadshow is to provide the opportunity and space for students to write for the magazines produced by the Language and Literature Bureau. Besides instilling the reading culture among youth as well as to bring awareness on the potential in the world of writing that can fetch good economic returns and become a promising career.