Quality vegetables that are safe for consumption are among the criteria emphasised by a local farm in order to penetrate overseas market. By using modern farming techniques, Kanglin Hydroponics Farm has the potential to realise such a goal. In the period of 2 years, the farm is able to produce more than 153 metric tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables for the local market. The production is in line with the country's aspiration to boost agricultural sector product growth continuously until it is capable of contributing to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product.

With the brand 'All About Green", Kanglin Hydroponics Farm practises the pesticide-free methods in their fruits and vegetables cultivation. Located on a 5-acre piece of land provided by the government at the Agricultural Development area in Kampung Sungai Liang, Belait District, the farm is personally managed by the owner, Haji Awang Muliadi bin Awang Moksin since 2009. From the 29 greenhouses that he owns, 4 of the existing greenhouses are equipped with the fustigation system. 15 greenhouses are utilised for cultivating leafy vegetables while the others are used for fruit cultivation.

The farms produce fruits and vegetables that are of high quality and safe for consumption. This includes arugula, lettuce, celery, kailan, cherry tomatoes and rock melon. Kanglin Hydroponics Farm delivers their produce to several supermarkets in Brunei Muara, Belait and Tutong District thrice a week. Following the 'El Nino' phenomenon, the farm's production was reduced last year compared to the year before, from more than 82 metric tonnes to more than 71 metric tonnes. Despite the challenge, the farm strives to produce quality crops that are of high value for the export market.

The Kanglin Hydroponics farm received recognition when it was selected as the recipient of the Most Competitive Farmers and Livestock Breeders Award in 2013. It is hoped all the efforts and planning implemented can help the farm to achieve its goal to penetrate the export market in line with the country's vision towards increasing production and agriculture and agrifood based industries through increasing productivity and high technology oriented for export.