In together helping those in need and alleviating their burden, especially when the month of Ramadan is approaching, members of the Muslimah Group of Kampong Mata-Mata Gadong Religious Hall with the cooperation of members of Kampong Mata-Mata Gadong Takmir Committee yesterday held a charity activity named 'Projek Menghantar Sedekah' for the needy with a presentation of contributions.

The contributions in the form of basic necessities were handed over by Awang Haji Metali bin Haji Khamis, Ketua Kampong of Mata-Mata Gadong as the head of the delegation to Awang Haji Omar bin Abd. Aziz, Penghulu of Mukim Ukong. 26 under-privileged families in Kampung Bukit were selected to receive the contributions. This activity is the third such project conducted by the Kampng Mata-Mata Gadong Religious Hall and will be extended to the other districts.